Artur Cabanas - new album available: 1000 KM

   Blues, rock, surf... "1000 KM": the new album by guitarist Artur Cabanas. 9 songs full of cinematographic images and a wide palette of sounds: electric guitar, slide & acoustic guitars, acoustic piano, hammond B3, rhodes, synths, and a strong rhythm section of bass and drums.

   It has been recorded at Aclam Records (Barcelona), Groove Factory Studios (Cardedeu) & Ed's Keyboard Room (Los Angeles). The music is written and arranged by Artur Cabanas (guitar & synths). You can hear Toni Mateos on drums, Ed Roth at keyboards (Hammond B3 & acoustic piano) and Miki Santamaría on bass. The album has been mixed at Aclam Records (Barcelona) and has been mastered by Leon Zervos at Studios 301, Sydney, Australia.

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1000 KM (2018)